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May 1, 2015


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Hello Professor,

I was just wondering if your enjoyment of this film perhaps dropped a bit now that we have seen that the Avengers did not, in fact, save everyone.

For me, it bothers me less so (since thought it made for a great villain in Zemo) but since I know you prefer a more "classic" take on the team and their adventures, I thought I'd ask.


Mark D. White

Not really -- they did the best they could, and saving everyone in the airborne city (where they were) was admirable, even though people died on the ground, which of course is tragic and unfortunate. But if they'd done nothing, imagine how many people would have lost their lives.

(And I don't know what you mean by preferring a "classic" take on the team, but that's OK.)


I apologize for being unclear. I mean more "classic" stories, like the ones from the comic books, where something like Sokovia could happen and there could be no casualties.

Mark D. White

OK, but I do like stories in which the fallout and consequences from superhero activity is shown and dealt with. I wrote an entire book about such a story in the comics. ;)

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