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November 21, 2014


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Hi Mark,

Are you familiar with the alignment system in D&D? I sort of see the X-Men being inverted along those lines. Having said that, by taking over Manhattan, the beating of the Falcon, the death threats...they seem pretty villainous to me.

Great point about Tony losing his limitations as opposed to taking on a new persona. I'm not thrilled with what they have done with Doom, though I was pleased to see him fight back against Wanda.

I would love for the conclusion for this to be that the Skull's 'psychic backwash' was only temporary, and that they had the possibility to control themselves after a day or so, but kept going...showing that these manifestations of their characters were always there, lurking below the surface.


P.S. You know Tony's question above? I wish Matt (my fav character) had responded with a sound argument, rather than violence. In fact, for story arcs like these, I wish writers consulted ethicists first, to "get it right."

Mark D. White

Thanks for the comments, Eric!

I don't like many villains, but I love Doom, and I'm very sad about how he's been handled -- he's so ambiguous that you'd almost expect an inversion to do nothing at all to him!

That would be a great conclusion -- I could have sworn I read or watched something recently that ended like that, in which the main character recovered from mind control but couldn't be sure exactly when, so had to confront the possibility that he or she may have acting wrongly through free will.

And I couldn't agree with you more -- that's one reason I loved Civil War, where there was as much talking as fighting!


I actually wish Civil War ended in a courtroom, Murdock vs. Walters.

It would have been way better than the sudden ending we got.

I agree about an inversion having little visible effect on Doom...I don't see how his self-image would change...he may think Richards is right about things, but to admit it out loud? I don't know...

Is what Scott doing really an inversion? I thought he was already on this path...

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