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May 10, 2013


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Of course this is an old idea, for example in 1979 Saturday Night Live did a sketch taking on this very premise (although the Sketch occurs within the frame of a TV show where scenarios to answer what if questions are dramatized and commented upon by experts, a double fiction) with Superman or "Uberman" (Klaus Kent) played by Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi as Jor-el, Bill Murray as German pa Kent and Michael Palin as Hitler. Klaus Kent has a crisis of conscious when he comes upon a plot to kill Hitler, but after considering the advice of both Jor-El (urging him not to interfere in mankind's destiny) and his German adopted father (reminding him of various ultra-nationalist sentiments), he concludes he must fight for untruth, injustice and the Nazi way, with horrendous results for Nazi Germans enemies. The panel speculates that the Americans would have developed a Kryptonite bomb in time to dispatch Uberman.

This was done in January of 1979 and so Jor-el is imagined in the Brando manner of the 1978 film.

I am not sure if SNL did it first. They might have done it best though?

Mark D. White

With the classic 70s cast, I'm sure they did it better!

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