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October 10, 2011


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Great post! I almost exactly feel the same way (although I only started reading in the 90's), especially about the Marvel/DC difference. Today's Marvel writers and editors still build on the largely unchanged foundation Stan, Jack and Steve made in the Silver Age. While DC seems to keep following the philosophy of Julie Schwartz, who said that continuity needs an enema/major shake-up every 10-15 years. I really thought that after Infinite Crisis, which brought DC back to their own Silver Age foundation (albeit in a more modernized form), the company had it right. Sadly that didn't last, and now we're stuck with this Heroes Reborn part two. Oh well, only four more years until COIE turns 30, right? Relaunch crisis? Crisis on Infinite Reboots, maybe?

Mark D. White

Thanks, Arno, I agree--and I liked the post-Infinite Crisis status quo too.

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