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February 21, 2011


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Dr. Avery

Nice post. I'm working out a similar line of thought, concerning the issue of Spider-man and ethics. I'll get back to you when it's finished. The short version, is to say that because of his ability to do something, and because he's stuck in New York City (where crime is more or less constant), every time Spider-man takes a nap he has to consciously elect to allow people to die - possible even forcibly ignoring his heightened senses in order to do so.

Mark D. White

Exactly (and thanks for the comment)--I made a similar point with respect to Spidey's "no one dies" pledge in this post: http://www.comicsprofessor.com/2011/03/spidey-and-j-jonah-go-to-extremes-in-amazing-spider-man-655-656.html (and MJ makes a similar point in a recent issue of Spidey, either #688 or #689, IIRC).

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